Monday, October 27, 2008

KY7 Artist Perspective - David R. Burns with Josh Gumiela

David R. Burns on: KY7 working and living in the region

"KY7 is a wonderful opportunity for digital media artists in the region to connect and exhibit newer forms of media artwork. Back home in NYC, there were many digital media arts communities to interface with. When I first arrived to the greater southern-Midwest region, I thought that interfacing with other digital media artists would present a greater challenge to me. After living in the region for several years, I have found many digital media artists that have a thriving, diverse practice; many of these artists are also well know internationally. The digital media arts community in this region might be smaller, but the community here is also much more closely knit and accessible. The support that I have received for my digital media artwork has made the last several years living in Carbondale rewarding and an extremely productive time for me. I believe this is only the beginning of a longer trend with a greater influence on the arts by digital media artists working and living in this region. In the future, I envision many more exhibitions similar to the KY7 biennial to gain in popularity and demand.

Artist’s Statement

Taking an interdisciplinary approach to art, my work explores the spatial relationships between color and sound. My artwork empowers participants to create their own unique audio-visual compositions with easy-to-use computer-aided technology. With motion, color, form and sound, I create interactive installations that can be experienced cross-culturally in a variety of public spaces.

There are two central themes that I explore in my work: one, the use of technology as a participant-friendly interface for creating audio-visual compositions and two, the spatial relationships between color and sound. I am also interested in representing color and form as sound and visualizing audio in my work.

Cubey 1.0, my most recent artwork, is an interactive digital art installation that enables users to create real-time interactive audio-visual compositions. Cubey 1.0 grew out of my fondness for Oscar Fischinger’s animations, my interest in synesthesia and my desire to enable people to create dynamic audio-visual compositions with an easy-to-use interface. The interface for Cubey is a simple, physical cube that offers users an exciting opportunity to explore interactive audio-visual and spatial relationships.


Cubey 1.0 is an interactive digital art installation that explores audio-visual and spatial relationships. With its embedded sensors, Cubey 1.0 enables users to compose dynamic audio-visual compositions in real time. The Cubey 1.0 incorporates both a physical cubic sculpture and a digital 3D virtual model of this sculpture that is projected onto a wall. This virtual model provides audio and visual feedback of users’ interaction with Cubey 1.0’s physical cubic sculpture. Both the audio and visual feedback from the Cubey 1.0 are linked; as users interact with the physical cubic sculpture, the projection of the 3D virtual cube changes shape, color and scale while simultaneously generating ambient digital sounds from Cubey 1.0’s speakers. Cubey 1.0’s simple and easy-to-use interface offers users an exciting opportunity to explore interactive audio-visual and spatial relationships."

Above: Cubey 1.0, David R. Burns with Josh Gumiela (Carbondale, IL)

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