Monday, October 13, 2008

KY7 Artist Perspective - Don Ament

"It's been really cool over the past few days having my studio here at the Loudoun House. I've been able to watch Mike unpack and begin to install the work. This show is already blowing me away, it is so NOT your basic "stuff on walls and pedestals"! An early favorite is a very spiffy overstuffed Easy Chair, except, may I just say, you would have to be a VERY small person to fit in the thing. Mike is also installing several video projectors all over the building, I have no idea what the videos are going to be, but they will be projected HUGE onto some of the walls around here. Then there is the series of military tanks made out of candy, can't wait to read the artist statement on that.

I think it is going to be a challenging show, a serious show, something where a viewer is going to have to spend some time with some of these pieces to "get it", and not all of it is going to be "pretty". It makes me feel very good to see regional artists producing this kind of work, it is the kind of work that makes you think, and moves society forward. And it makes me proud that the Lexington Art League has the verve and cojones to put this kind of show together."


Above: Infinity Stroll, Don Ament (Lexington, KY)

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