Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hi. I’m Bianca Spriggs. I’m the Visitor and Events Coordinator for the Lexington Art League and resident LAL blogger. When you walk into the gorgeous front doors of the historic Loudoun House, I’m probably the first person you’re going to see. Or if you come around to the back door, odds are, I’ll be the one to let you in. My desk is under the little staircase nook in front where I have a first look at all the seasons changing and strays that live in the North End (by strays I mean cats and people).

Working in an art gallery/historic home is kind of a dream job, you know? I’m surrounded by art most of the time, I talk to artists on the phone and in person every day, I get to know all walks of life from the community, and part of my job is throwing fabulous parties ten months out of the year. What more could a girl want? Oh, yeah. You to come visit!

So here’s what’s going to happen in these blogs. I’m going to tell you about all the sweet activities we have going on at LAL and you get to start salivating over all the artsy goings on you could be a part of. Hopefully you’ll do more than salivate and hot foot it over here, because in my opinion, art works best as a shared experience.

And you won’t believe the exhibit we have going on through December. It’s called “Generously Odd: Craft Now.” And this is some of the unrealest work I’ve ever seen. The exhibit is all about avant-garde crafting. In other words, taking unusual materials or usual materials and creating something...well...even more unusual out of them. Our visitors so far have just been wandering around like they just walked through the looking glass and shoulda brought friends.

Some of this stuff you’re just going to have to see to believe. You know how in grade school there was that one kid who sat in the corner and was forever making like, embroidery string bracelets, or those beaded friendship pins, or miles of paperclip chains at their desk or eraser castles and occasionally stared dreamily out the window? Well that kid grew up and became a generously odd artist, folks.

We’ve got gold leaf covered peanuts, we’ve got glass pomegranate seeds that were clearly made for giants, we’ve got dozens of tiny clay steepled churches now living in our fireplace, a yarn grass rug complete with roots and soil, upside down wooden chickens, and a little clay creature with other little creatures for arms and a fur skirt on upstairs. Someone’s drawn all over the walls and there are like ten white cloth arms complete with ghostly hands hanging down from the ceiling in our main gallery. Like I said: Un. Real.

As if all that and more isn’t enough, our current installation artist, Catherine Forster, just put her work up in the LAL Project Space. It’s called, “They Call Me Theirs,” and all I’m going to say is this, I will never look at hunter green extension cords as though they were supposed to do anything but create indoor hanging vines ever again. It’s really a little miracle with all four seasons living down there for the next couple of months complete with sonic ambiance.

So, this was just to whet your appetite. You’ll be hearing from me again soon. We’re constantly engaging the community with programming like our Teen Master Class where gifted students from all over Central Kentucky can work with and learn from our guest curator, Travis Townsend. We had Girl Scouts over just last week for their activities (they didn’t bring cookies but we were still glad they were here) and we have classes meeting regularly in our upstairs classroom. Our travelling show, “Witness” that combines professional artists with the stories and experiences from survivors of domestic abuse, will debut at J.Allen Studio and Spa on November 20 for Gallery Hop, and the Nude International Exhibit: 2010 goes up in January.

Want to know more about our upcoming programs and events/how to become a volunteer/get on our mailing list/become a supporter/get directions/bring us treats?

Know a good band or restaurant I should sample and possibly book for next year’s lineup of Fifth Third Fourth Friday events?

Call or email me!
859-254-7024 ext. 30

And don’t forget to check out artist opportunities and read all about our current and upcoming exhibits here:

If you’re truly curious, just mosey on over. We’re located at 209 Castlewood Drive, 40505. Our gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-4 PM and I’m here on Saturdays 1-4 PM.

I’ll be seeing you, good art willing and the creek don’t rise.

(Above artist: Elizabeth Perkins: $1,000 Peanuts)

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